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Getting There (car, train)

By Car

Novi Sad is directly connected with the international motorway E-75, and in the vicinity, over the mountain of Fruska Gora; Novi Sad can be reached from the international motorway E-70.

The E-75 international highway, one section of which runs through Serbia, is one of the major European road corridors. It is classified as a TEM road (Trans European Motorway).


Highway tolls are charged according to the rating of the vehicle and the distance covered on the following motorways:

Category / E75 E75 E75 E75 E70
Section of highway Belgrade – Novi Sad Novi Sad – Subotica – Feketic Belgrade – Nis Nis – Leskovac Belgrade – Sid
I category 430 430 1,130 260 520
II category 690 690 1,650 430 780
III category 1,130 1,300 3,390 870 1,650
IV category 2,170 2,870 6,690 2,000 3,210

Toll prices are for vehicles with foreign registration plates. Please note – all toll prices must be paid in domestic currency (Dinar)

Road help and assistance

AMSS (Automobile and Motorists Association of Serbia) information system and AMSS info-centres operate round the clock providing traffic and tourist information to the public in general. AMSS information on road and traffic in Serbia are forwarded daily to European automobile clubs. Also, traffic information and other information on touring for motorists can be obtained from AMSS International Alarm and Information Centre by calling +381 11 9800.

By train

Numerous international railway lines link Serbia with all parts of Europe. Total railway track length is 3,808 km of which 3,533 km single track and 275 km double track.

International railroad Istanbul – Athens – Budapest – Prague – Berlin runs through Novi Sad.

Train Information:
Railway Enterprise “Belgrade”
Nemanjina 6, 11000 Belgrade
Tel: +381 11/ 361 4811, 361 6722

Railway station in Novi Sad:
+381 21/ 443 178

Railway station in Belgrade:
+381 11/ 2641-488, 2645-822

Railway station in Nis:
+381 18/ 364 625, 369-78

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